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Articles tagged with: Home Security

What Are the Best Uses for Your Outdoor AV System?

Enjoy Your Favorite Movies, Music and Teams in Your Outdoor Spaces

What Are the Best Uses for Your Outdoor AV System?

An outdoor AV system is all about giving you easy access to high-quality audio and video anywhere in your property. From the wiring framework to the right speakers, everything is expertly planned out to make sure that you can enjoy your favorite movies, music, and sports on your patio, pool, or backyard. Do you think your Sugar Land, TX home could benefit from having one installed? In this blog, we highlight some popular ways it could be used so that you can see if it would be the right fit for your family.

TAGS: Home Security | Outdoor Audio | Outdoor TV

Which Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Should Be Automated?

Enjoy Hands-Free Control of Your Landscape Lighting

Which Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Should Be Automated?

Buying the right outdoor light fixtures for your Houston, TX home –ones that offer the right kind of light while surviving the elements—is only the first step. You also need to ensure you have the right system in place to control them. Reaching for the nearest wall switch is often not an option when you're outdoors, which makes lighting control a challenge. With that in mind, our landscape lighting solutions let you manage lights from a waterproof remote, smartphone or dedicated touchpad. Many times outdoor fixtures can even be automated through the use of motion sensors or schedules scenes to give you truly hands-off control.

TAGS: Home Security | Lighting Control System | Motion Sensors

3 Unique Ways to Control Your Home Using Savant Systems

SES Design Group Offers a Customized Solution to Meet Your Needs

3 Unique Ways to Control Your Home Using Savant Systems

Often when people discuss the benefits of a smart home, they talk about improving efficiency. Everything becomes simpler in a home where subsystems communicate effectively. But this is a home we're talking about, not a business. Savant Systems ensures your technology also comes with a sense of comfort and warmth. The company does this by offering multiple ways to access your smart automation features, so it's easy to find one that works best for you. Read on to see how SES Design Group works with Savant Systems to create a solution customized to meet the needs of your family and the aesthetics of your Woodlands, Texas home.

TAGS: home audio video | home security | Savant App | Savant Pro remote



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