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Savant Systems is the epitome of simplicity, elegance, and engagement. Besides bringing the most diverse controls to the smart home automation industry, Savant Systems also offers technology that is strong yet versatile. It’s compatible with many manufacturers, can easily be tailored to fit your existing environment, and has a myriad of wireless capabilities. With this premier system, home is just a touch away.


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Home Control

By offering customizable controls on any mobile device through the Savant App, users can create any atmosphere and tailor settings to run even the most sophisticated of homes. Every person in the house can design their own user

experience to mirror their daily routines and prepare for special occasions. Best of all, Savant’s home controls are adjustable—allowing your investment to last years into the future.


Intelligent lighting helps you save energy, money, and time. With lighting controls right at your side, it’s super easy to wake up, say goodnight, and start some fun. You can adjust individual lights remotely and allow sensors to adjust settings as

people move in and out of rooms. Dimmers give you even more options by adjusting light levels. With Savant, your lights will never be too bright or dark.


Savant’s revolutionary and proprietary technology lets you set a different temperature for every room and schedule degree levels days in advance. Wake up to a cozy temp of 76 every morning with presets and then set it to 72 on the go

before you get home from an evening workout. Climate control allows you to balance comfort with conservation by maximizing energy savings when no one is home and adjusting temperatures when you have a full house.


Since all the controls are in the palm of your hand, simply touch a button and play your favorite song or queue up a Friday night flick. Savant’s robust system allows you to upload new song playlists instantaneously, play different songs in multiple

rooms, distribute video throughout the house, and store more entertainment in the cloud. Whether you simply have cable or a variety of streaming services from Netflix to Spotify, every entertainment source is easily accessible.








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